At the Bridal & Party Showcase! 

The highlight of our evening was attending the South Florida Bridal and Party Showcase. This was a wonderful event that showcased over 30 vendors in the wedding industry.

This event was held at the Event Center in Margate, Florida. We learned the location is frequently used as a wedding venue. In true Butler Girl fashion, we of course checked it out and here is our review.

We loved the acoustics! There was a total of three DJs in various rooms playing music simultaneously. I was impressed that the sounds from the parties did not escape their designated areas.

We also loved the size of the Event Center. It is perfect for catering to hundreds of guests. Plus the the decor is medieval, in essence creating an intimate setting. The venue lends perfectly to regal decor.

The only down side we noticed is the view upon arrival. Let’s just say,  it left room for more to be desired.



We met up with some local florists, bartenders, djs, caterers and even other event planners. It was a great environment as everyone was cordial & freely exchanged contact information and tips.

Ashley enjoyed sharing recipes with Judy. She is a private bakery and cater. We were happy to add her delightful red velvet truffles recipe to our portfolio.



* Bridal show tips for brides to be

  • Attend free local bridal shows (they are an excellent and a
    ffordable resource, even if you don’t plan to use a wedding planner.)
  • Ask vendors & industry professionals for venue recommendations. 
  • Come prepared to receive lots of free goodies!

We enjoyed this opportunity to network with brides, vendors, and the management team at the Event Center. #ButlerGirlsOnTheGo … Until next time.


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